[Smlug] News from uncle Bill

Kevin Wise wiske57 at opensuse.us
Thu Apr 10 12:20:41 EDT 2014

I guess Microsoft has decided to snub Linux again.

"Skype is working on an improved group experience.

Unfortunately, your version of Skype or your current Operating System
doesn't support the new cloud-based Group Chat experience.

Currently supported clients are:

Skype for Windows Desktop 6.11 and above
Skype for modern Windows 8.1 version 2.4 and above*
Skype for Mac 6.11 and above
Skype for iOS 4.15 and above
Skype for Windows Phone 8 version 2.13 and above
Skype for Android 4.5 and above
Skype for Xbox 1.2 and above
*If you have a computer or tablet running Windows 8, upgrade to Windows
8.1 (free upgrade) and the latest version of Skype for modern Windows.

If you're using Skype for Windows Phone 7, unfortunately you won't be
able to use group chat.
If you wish to participate in new cloud groups, you'll need to upgrade
or download the latest version of our app from your app store. Certain
older operating systems and Skype clients no longer support Group Chat."


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